Like they say, when it rains, it storms.

We had to evacuate my workplace this afternoon due to a massive wildfire that blazed up out of nowhere, and they wouldn’t allow us to turn down the road that would take us to our apartment; instead, we had to drive the 80 miles or so around the lake just to get 6 miles away from where we originally were . . . At the time, though, we weren’t even sure that we would have an apartment to come back to. At least 50 homes have already gone up, and I am looking out of my window right now and literally watching flames eating away at trees on the hillside a few blocks away, and my eyes and lungs are burning. We’ve gotten some of our stuff packed up and ready to go in case it makes its way down here, which it certainly looks capable of doing right now.

So many things happening at once. I am also getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for my first ever business trip, which I am highly excited about, as I am visiting the headquarters of Patagonia, Inc, which is THE most environmentally proactive business on the planet. This wildfire certainly chose a bad time to spring up, but it also wasn’t unforeseen. The ridge-line where it started is like a tinderbox of condensed forest due to the last 50 years of fire prevention.

Another amazing thing that occurred today is that I approached one of my bird-houses today to check on it, and out popped a little swallow’s head, looking at me inquiringly! This was the first inhabitant thus far that I know of in one of my bird-houses, and I feel elated. I expect to start receiving rent from the little bugger 1st thing next month. . . That is, if the whole place isn’t burnt down in the next few days. . .

Man, it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around something like a massive disaster like this, even when it’s going on directly outside your door.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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