Changing Spaces

I’m exhausted. Moved out of the secondhand smoke ridden apartment and into a natural gas ridden apartment. Moving is kind of neat in that you suddenly have a whole new space in which to go crazy with your amateur interior design skills, but it is also a pain in the ass in that you have to move all this minuscule annoying shit that you’ve somehow accumulated within the space of several months. The new apartment is older, has holes all over the walls, and is woefully graced with a veneer of faded shag carpet—but it also is bigger and gets tons of light during the day, which means potted plants can finally be domestically cultivated. Our neighbors seem generally tweaked out in that Tahoe specific way, but friendly. Last night my neighbor next door left her apartment—or fell asleep in a drug induced coma—and left her DVD of Stomping The Yard (from what I could see by the 1.5 minute looped options screen, it looked to be inspired by such high quality movies as You Got Served) on the intro screen, where it was looping endlessly this annoying bass beat that was cranked up at full volume, causing the whole building to shake. Her door was unlocked, so I just went in and turned it off, hopefully she didn’t mind.

If I’ve been somewhat lax on posting lately, this is the just cause.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Changing Spaces”

  1. Moving is fun. Congrats on the new place–nothing beats loads of natural light. Besides, holes in the wall and regrettable shag carpet are easily remedied.

    Your neighbor sounds like she’ll be interesting in times to come.

  2. I’m just glad it’s over, and I have a home again. A much bigger, brighter home, with counter space for cooking, and separate dining room and chilling room areas. Yes!

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