Science Fiction Scores One For Prescience

So get this. They’ve discovered actual ‘kryptonite’ in a Siberian mine, you know that stuff that drains Superman of his powers? I think this is pretty fucking weird. When I was reading the article, I was just thinking, “stupid fucking journalists, what are they talking about?’ before I realized that they were being serious. Kryptonite’s properties are displayed in Superman Returns on the museum case from which Lex Luthor steals it. “Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine”—with the fundamental difference that the real-life ‘kryptonite’ does not contain fluorine. And it’s not green. And it’s actually called jadarite. But still.

Isn’t that weird? Next thing you know they’re going to discover that Star Trek was somewhat accurate in its descriptions of teleportation dynamics. . .


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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