Run On Spiralling Tonic

Sunset over desert mountains

You go out into the world, far away, distant into the all. Then you come back, dressed in darkness. You come back to me to give to me a light that you had been keeping, that you had been molding hidden from the world, building upon itself like of clay, of hard-soft snow, collected, you give it to me, you bestow it unto me, you place it into my heart like a light into a light, two lights turning blue, the most quietly intense of flames, burning without flicker—and you give yourself back to me, and here in this place far away from everything, far away from yourself, close to me, you give yourself again to me—taking me far away from myself, close to you, far away from both of us, close to divinity, close to something unnamed, unplaced, imperfectly slidingly slipperingly slopingly beautiful. Here, in this place, we are affirmed, confirmed, firmed, fitted, whetted. We were meant to be apart to come together like this to break apart into something new, surprised, glistening in newness, shining in compound simplicity. We go there to know that it has been there, will always be there, for us to find again, for us to forget, to renew, to discover, to share, to shed, to find again. Again, and then again. To go away to return dressed in darkness, to unshroud the light, to build the light, to know the light. Back and forth. The light dancing the shadows of the tree in the wind against the blinded windows into this night. Up and down. The journey of the droplet to its source to tear itself into the earth to know of the ocean. Like this. Just like that.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Run On Spiralling Tonic”

  1. Whilst searching somewhat randomly on Google, having typed the words ‘come back to me’ into the image search – I stumbled upon this magical page.
    I am not sure how to put this as eloquently as I would like, but this particular piece of writing touched my soul – and as a fellow human who lives in the slightly ethereal realm of words – I completely appreciate the sentiment and the pain, and yet the unending joy.
    Thank you for brightening my wintery Saturday eve.
    Whoever the subject might be – they should be touched, proud and moved. I was.

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