Honey Bees Be Dyin’

Have you heard about the honey bees? That they are dying in vast numbers, and nobody knows why? That’s kind of scary. First and foremost, because I love me my honey. Second, because they pollinate most of our flowers, fruits, and food plants.

There’s endless speculation as to the cause, such as that the bees are getting “stressed out.” Whatever. More like “they’re getting bombed with toxic chemicals.” Let’s face it, the agribusiness in this country essentially grows its plants on steroids and antibiotics. And it’s like we’re surprised when suddenly all the adults start getting cancer, all the children are born with some kind of disorder, whether physical or mental, and all the food tastes like crap unless you add some of that manufactured “natural flavoring.” And we’re in the midst of what is quite soberly termed an “obesity epidemic.” So the human signs are quite readily visible, if you realize what you’re looking at: the cumulative effects of years of growing and serving food based on business instead of health. And so I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising that now we’re beginning, inevitably, to see the devastating effects on animal, plant, and insect life. And microbial life, such as the growing amounts of “superbugs” that are completely resistant to any form of antibiotic. Forget global warming. I think this complete disassociation of human life from natural cycles is what constitutes the greatest danger to our survival as a species. We collectively have only the dimmest awareness that we are wholly dependent on biodiversity and connectivity with animals, plants, insects, microbes, and the soil.

In order to survive, we have to understand just how connected we are with everything around us.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Honey Bees Be Dyin’”

  1. I work in a doctor’s office. You’d have a fit at the number of people who ask for (and are given) antibiotics for the most wee little cold. I mean, hello, people, it’s a cold. It’ll blow over.

    On another note, I was flipping through an old Newsweek from ’06 and read this article about a study on people, genes, and hot dogs. Hot dogs, apparently, cause genetic mutations. Eeps!

  2. Don’t even get me started on antibiotic abuse . . . There’s a great book that I read awhile ago called Betrayal of Trust that describes the downward trend of public health worldwide, particularly in the United States, and there’s some scary stuff in there about the inevitability of the progressive evolution of microbes to be resistant to antibiotics.

    How in the world do hot dogs cause genetic mutations? Are they radiated pieces of animals killed by an atomic bomb or something?

  3. Apparently, hot dogs contain loads of sodium nitrite, which is known to cause cancer in lab rats via genetic mutations. Hip hip hooray for little kids: eat enough hot dogs at the baseball park, become the next X-Men superhero.

    I’ve heard of that book you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

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