Rant Against the Good Ol Boys

Don’t you love the way our government’s dirty hands are smeared all over the spectrum—from Enron, to false documentation on WMDs in Iraq, to Valerie Plame’s exposé, to abuses at Abu Ghraib, to the firing of appointed attorneys across the nation, to deliberately misleading the public on global warming, to [fit whatever scandal you can remember here]—and yet, mysteriously, none of the people truly responsible are ever held to account. There’s always a fall guy. This is, of course, the name of the political game. Like how Bush Senior had his hands deep in the Iran-Contra affair as VP under Reagan, and yet only a bunch of underlings took the fall, and then there he was later, serving as President of the United States, happily fucking up the world and the nation.

And all of this stuff is headline news. And yet nothing is done. The White House says it has done nothing wrong and destroys documents and cuts loose some people and that’s that. Just some headlines, maybe some panels, some investigations, even damning evidence, memos and statements released to the public. But the source of all of these unethical dealings is never dealt with. On and on it goes. The spokesman for the White House or the Pentagon, or robotic hearted Cheney himself, just says that the dudes in power had no idea such dastardly goings on were going on. My goodness, they say, what a surprise! I didn’t command them to do that! I had no clue! Let’s burn those evildoers at the stake!

Yet take those denialists at their word, and you still arrive at a rather disturbing conclusion: if the guys supposedly in seats of extreme power, with myriads of diverse daily information at their fingertips, had no idea what was going on within their own administration, within their own minions, within their own corporate moneyed interest ties—then doesn’t that mean that these guys who are supposedly running our country are not fit to run our country? Because they should have known what was going on in all of these situations. That’s their job. That’s what we hired them for.

So in other words, one way or the other—whether you believe all of the quite clear and cumulative evidence that points to the fact that our government is deliberately deceiving and cheating its own people (not to mention all of the rest of the world), or whether you believe that they are indeed pristine and clean of all involvement in the exponentially growing list of scandals—the basic summary of the situation is that we have either A) evil rich arrogant pricks, or B) clueless rich arrogant pricks, running our country. So why, oh please tell me why, my fellow American citizens, are these rich arrogant pricks still in office? Could we not at least get us some intelligent scrupulous rich arrogant pricks at the least?


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Rant Against the Good Ol Boys”

  1. Agreed. I guess we’d rather have corruption on a(n) (inter)national level than corruption on a personal level (a.k.a. Clinton/Lewinsky). Both are wrong, but what’s the lesser of two evils–war and widespread death, or a little hooky in the Oval Office?

  2. Personally, I think the only scandal involved in the Clinton-Lewinsky thing was that Clinton lied at first about it. If he had any kind of cojones, he would have just said, “yeah, so I got some head. So what?”

    I can deal with the President of the United States getting some extra head. Heck, he probably needs it. But I definitely can’t deal with the President taking most of his own nation’s people and bending them over and raping them. That’s pretty unethical.

  3. That’s true, I DO have a drink in most pictures of myself here. I never noticed that. I just picked those pictures because they are the few where I am not making a weird face or holding somebody else’s baby or something. I guess too I am best captured by camera when a drink of something tasty is pressed to my lips, because I’m paying more attention to the drink then to how I am going to be projected into the future on a 1 dimensional screen (which generally results in weird faces).

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