More Billionaires, Great, Just What This World Needs

Forbes magazine just released its annual list of world billionaires, and the number has jumped from 793 last year to 946. Yippee! “‘In the last five years… despite all the turmoil in the world, all the conflict in the world, the global economy in real terms expanded over 25%,’ said Steve Forbes, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.’ So let me get this straight. The “global economy,” in very “real terms”, has expanded. Despite “all the turmoil.” So a bunch of stinky filthy rich bastards are getting even more super rich. I don’t call that a global economy in any terms: I call that corporate colonization. Because while this list of billionaires is expanding, the list of people living well below poverty is also expanding.

As long as there are people who control music, who control information, who control seeds, who control access to medication, then there’s going to be a select group of very rich people at the detriment of a large mass of very poor people. I don’t understand why anyone still subscribes to this bullshit Reagonomics trickle down theory. The fact is that this supposedly thriving middle class is only connected to their limited wealth by a umbilical cord hooked on a speculative bubble. Once that bubble bursts, the super rich are still chaffeured comfortably along to their social dinners while all the once climbing middle class, complacent and spoonfed drool from above, will suddenly find themselves sunk down with all the rest of the masses of people out there who never could climb out of 9 to 5 minimum wages.

I want to see the list of world billionaires diminish, year by year, until there is no one single human being out there who is ever estimated at a net worth of 56 billion dollars. I want to see all the rest of the world, “all that turmoil,” become rich. I want to see no one living at or below poverty. Is that too much to ask? Cuz I think it seems pretty feasible if all the accumulated riches of the super rich were actually put towards something more productive then some motherfuckers collection of Humvees.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “More Billionaires, Great, Just What This World Needs”

  1. your dreams might never come true with this people livingonthis planet and the history being repeated non-stop, so i think i was number 947 on that list, i’m a rich guy, i own lotta ice, air, soil hmm nope all i own is my pants (but i’m not sure about that either!)

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