I admit to having a certain fascination with quantum physics, especially as applied to cosmology. But I have absolutely no propensity for mathematics, equations, or really anything scientific at all. I just like the ideas that come out of it. And I find that oftentimes some of the principles and theories that arise out of those areas of research seem to make a philosophical, poetical sense. Poetical in the way that a quantum tunnel can be formed across seemingly uncrossable barriers, so too in language a metaphor links together seemingly unrelated things. Philosophical in the sense that as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that any attempt at measurement will be subject to some form of uncertainty, so too the philosopher recognizes that the very attempt to define and articulate certain aspects of things only blinds one to other potential viewpoints.

If quantum theory can be applied to the entire realm of the physical universe, as it is in quantum cosmology, then I do not see why it could not be just as readily applied in the realm of everyday thought and perception. I think that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, for example, is readily understood on a conceptual level when it comes to individual perception and its power on the formation of potential outcomes in the universe, on the everyday scale of life. For example, if we look or talk about other people in a certain way, we can delimit or expand their potentiality, we can effectively destroy or create some of their possible outcomes. This is the power of gossip, the power of the observer.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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