US Clandestine Middle East Activity

Click here to read a long, extremely informative article by Seymour M. Hersh in The New Yorker about the Administration’s current shift in overt and covert operations in the Middle East, and what effect these might have on the future. It’s always sobering to recognize that a small but powerful portion of our government is actively engaging in clandestine operations with the end result of a potentially devastating escalation of world violence, and that neither the American people nor our elected representatives are given the chance to be informed nor given the voice to affect these actions. Our government has demonstrated time and time again that it cannot and should never be trusted to make ethical decisions on matters of involvement with foreign nations. Remember Iran-Contra, remember Cambodia, remember Haiti, remember El Salvador, remember any of the countless and innumerable other underworld US government funded covert operations and black money scattering across small nations all over the world resulting in violence, death, destabilization of societies, brutal dictatorships, arms smuggling, drugs trading, extremist sectarianism, and all other forms of chaos and terror? Oh yes. That would be our good old God fearing, freedom loving, pro-capitalist government! Out there working hard to benefit world peace and solve world hunger and eliminate world poverty, oh yes!

And Americans wonder why the US is feared/hated/despised in some parts of the world! Learn some American History.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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