Hypocrisy & Politics

OK, so all that is in the media about Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid is that she voted for the Iraq ‘war.’ And she is refusing to apologize for it. Good for her. I would hereby like to remind all the liberal Democrats out there who are getting all righteous and angry about this particular piece of news that they themselves probably were supporting the invasion as well back then. Maybe they didn’t vote for it, but they weren’t blocking weapons factory trucks from making deliveries. They weren’t attempting to stop the shipment of troops over to the Middle East. Most Americans, let me remind you, according to the polls, were quite supportive of the war, due of course to misinformation in the media and ignorance of the situation in general. So now that the tide has turned and suddenly its fasionable to be against the Iraq invasion, and George W. Bush isn’t even really a topic of conversation anymore because he’s passé even while still in office, the media and righteous Democrats jump on Hillary’s back and make it into a huge issue. If the media is going to get so worked up against Hillary about this, why didn’t they get worked up about facts and do a little investigative reporting when the invasion was being proposed? Why don’t they get worked up against the American people, who by and large supported the war and support any and all wars until they start to realize that the casualties aren’t worth it?

I don’t like that Hillary supported the invasion. But the fact is that she is a highly intelligent woman, and she’s got a lot more going for her if people could get past some legislative act from years ago. Try listening to what she is saying NOW rather than harping about shit that you didn’t do anything about at the time.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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