Children of Men and Grilled Cheese and Kimchi Sandwiches

I just watched a pretty sweet movie: Children of Men. Yes, I know, it’s a rare event indeed when I actually see a movie in the theatre, but it was just one of those kinds of days. And I just added another reason to the list for not going to the theatres: they turn up the audio way too friggin’ loud. I don’t understand this. Are people progressively going deaf? Last two times I’ve been to the theatre, I’ve had to stuff tissue in my ears so that I’m not cringing throughout the entire movie.

That said, I really liked Children of Men. It took place in the future, except that this imagined future is disturbingly real, disturbingly and eerily relevant to the present. The premise of the movie–revolving around a time when, for reasons unknown, women can no longer bear children–might at first seem far-fetched, but it actually acts as a pointed (but veiled) metaphor for reality now, in that we are actively destroying the future for our children. We’ve lost sight of the importance of human life and continuity, and it is in this continuum of critique that the movie operates so effectively. Every battle scene, every person shot in this movie, feels all too vividly real. The shots of illegal immigrants being detained and forced into refugee camps doesn’t seem outlandish at all. The acts of terrorism, the shoot-outs between the military and dark-skinned people doesn’t seem to take place in the future, but rather to just be a really well shot version of what’s going on in foreign countries at the present.

So put it on your Netflix. In other news from today, I’ve made an important culinary discovery that I think that all of the world should be made privy to: try putting kimchi (preferably spicy) in your grilled cheese sandwhich. Yes, it sounds nasty, but once you taste it, there’s no going back. We’re in a new global century here. We’re movin on from chicken and waffles, and peanut butter and burger, to grilled cheese and kimchi.

As to how I discovered aforementioned combination . . . well, I just like to eat kimchi as a side dish sometimes, cuz I like that shit, and I happened to have a grilled cheese prepared for me, so I plopped some kimchi on the side, and subsequently discovered that it meshed perfectly with the sammich–whereupon I immediately placed said kimchi into the sandwich itself, and was then transported into a new state of grilled cheese chewing bliss.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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