A New Year to Live, Love, and Grow

As per a sort-of-tradition (check out last year’s missive, or from 2005, or the one from 2002), I feel the need to say a few words to commemorate el día de año nuevo: wherever you might happen to be when reading this and at whatever time, let’s agree to one thing: we are entering a new horizon of existence, and whether or not the calendar system we follow runs according to divine accordance or not, the fact is that every day, every month, every year pushes us farther along the paths to our omega points, the unknown call pulling us into a hopefully transcendent future.

Every New Year’s is not only a celebration, but a remembrance of what has passed to bring us here, and a harkening on what is to come. There are certainly enough problems in the world to give us pause, and cast long shadows onto future generations. But there is hope that humanity will evolve to meet the challenges to our species, and this hope is called love. In the midst of the fragmented shards of war, desperation, and complacency, love is the flower that can break through concrete and connect together alien worlds. To embrace everything that currently exists, and everything that has come before, is the only path to the future. To accept the world, your family, your loved ones, and yourself as what is, in all its imperfection and seeming disconnection.

Beyond the excuse to drink excessively and lose control over your actions, New Year’s stands as a time to look back and look forward, and ask the big questions that your everyday life has numbed your awareness to: what gives your life meaning? Where will you be a year from now? Where were you a year from now? It also stands as a time to give thanks for the gifts from the divine that allowed you to make it thus far, to appreciate the friends that you have, to kiss your beloved, and a time to feel hope that all of which has sustained you thus far will only grow, and grow, and grow.

So I raise my cup of Chartreuse to you and wish you the best–because I acknowledge openly that your future is tied so intimately to mine as to be indistinguishable, on a Kosmic level. And I wish the same to all people everywhere. That we can all find our ways into everyday joy, to a paradise now, to a heaven here.

Belgian Brewskis


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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