Focusing On Love

Love is the focus of all energy down to a singular point in all of the cosmos–the Beloved. This might at first seem to be reductionist, for what of all the friends, family, and various facets of the wider world that demands and requires your attention? But as love for your Beloved deepens, ripens, and evolves, you find that to devote all of this love to solely one point does not necessitate a loss of awareness nor a destruction of other potentialities; rather, as your heart deepens and expands through the medium of the Beloved, you find that your external connections to all the world also deepen and widen. That in fact, this love is the ONLY WAY you could ever grow. To evolve is to increase your ability to love. Love is not a complacent plateau of stasis; only through constant struggle and transcendence does it grow.
I have shut out everything but my Beloved, and my future lays itself out before me like a gift, and the only thing that is important is this love.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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