24 Hours Back Home

Broke Down

OK, so somehow I find myself back home in the woods after a 24 hour long day of travel and stress. Things that went wrong: 1) turns out my girlfriend is dyslexic and mistook “American Airlines” for “United” on our itinerary, so we missed our flight after waiting in a United line for an hour and a half; 2) the flight we finally got onto later was delayed;  and 3), the clincher, my car broke down on the middle of the freeway on our way back from San Francisco. So we were awake exactly 24 hours, because we’d woken up at 1 o’clock to catch our flight at JFK, and we arrived back in Tahoe at 1 o’clock. Needless to say, I was pretty cracked out, and I’m quite thankful simply to be alive and here at all.

Of course, any travel day is subject to delays and problems, and if anything, the day made me grateful more than miffed. Grateful that I didn’t get in an accident when my car stopped running in the midst of fast-paced traffic and I was attempting to coast over to the side and nearly caused a major collision involving two other cars (who of course were just trying to pass me as quickly as possible and trying to get around my right, where I was attempting to move the damn car before it lost all acceleration). Grateful that I have a friend who was willing to drive out from the city and install a new alternator for me. Grateful that it was only a shot alternator and nothing major. Grateful that I was able to drive back all the way even though I was exhausted (we did have to stop in some boondock church parking lot so we could take a power nap). Grateful that all the problems that arose during the day were quickly overcome.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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