United Nations needs to be truly United

One great thing about the internet as an informational sea-haven is that when you get sick of the mainstream media’s spin of speeches, you can just do a search and go direct to the source yourself. I did that yesterday with Kofi Annan’s speech to the UN, which has been spun in the US media as being some kind of attack on US values. His speech is wonderful, and I recommend reading it through if you’ve got a minute. Far from being an attack of the US, he rather attempts to remind the American people of their own history, and why the UN exists, as created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. All you hear in the US media these days, as spun by Fox News, is that the UN is an abominable institution, seeking to restrict our freedoms and halt action through beaucratic hem-hawing. The UN sure as hell ain’t perfect. But the idea behind it remains critical to the survival of humanity: that we need a shared global vision and policy, and subsequent enforcement. If the US cannot abide by diplomacy and collective decision-making, then the US must be considered a rogue nation, armed and dangerous to the rest of the world. And the US has only proved this perception by its hasty actions taken in Iraq and Afghanistan. The world is beginning to view the US as a threat rather than a protective power, and that is something we need to deal with. For it was the US itself which originally served to bring together the UN in the first place. It’s sad that it takes other leaders and the UN itself to remind Americans of their own history.

Americans certainly are notorious for having no collective conception of their own history and government. When the Iraq “war” was beginning, with the seemingly united support of all simple-minded Americans, I was asking, “Does nobody remember the Vietnam “war”? The Pentagon Papers?”Anybody? Remember the Iran-Contra affair? Does anybody pay attention to these little tidbits of readily available official documentation and news information that quite blatantly affirms that the American government has no interest in freedom or democracy or human welfare? That it acts solely in interest of power and money?

We need a body like the United Nations, except we need a body like the UN that is actually effective. And for the UN or any other world body to be effective, it will require the support of the American people. War crimes such as Iraq can not be allowed to continue. Rapings and genocide in Darfur can not be allowed to continue. And its quite obvious that no longer can one nation be allowed to do whatever it wants, no matter how many nuclear weapons it may possess.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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