Making Love

Love isn’t something that you find or discover, latent somewhere in some hidden offspring, but rather something that you must create, re-create, every single day, every single moment. There is a reason why there is the term “making love.” You must make love, you must forge it in the transmuted fires of your soul, mind, and body. It is not something that simply comes to you, that appears out of thin air like fairytale gnomes. It is the purest of human endeavors, a task both magical yet wholly rooted in mundanity.

Don’t sit around waiting for love to rise out of a hidden abyss in some stranger. Create it. Make it. Love is a gift beyond the giver. Love is the flow of divinity through the vessel of you. Love imbues anything and everything with new light. Love is the only reason life has to exist.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

4 thoughts on “Making Love”

  1. Ahh, Marko, how far you’ve come since the old college days. Well said:-) Hey, so I’ll see you around the winter break. I’ll be in LA from the 16-Jan 6th.

    Peace my brother.


  2. I also found it very well-said. It resonates with my own discoveries, experiences in life, which of course is why I liked it, but being well written articulate and compassionate added more to the fact that it echoed my own reality. I also serendipitously read it at a moment when it was most apt, a reminder of what is love is really about.

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