New Roll-Call In the Government

So the political climate in the US administration has shifted dramatically in these last 2 days. This will have far-reaching consequences, probably much more so than many people would believe. But the one important thing that remains to be seen is whether the change will really have any eventual positive, personal impact on you and me. Because we all know that the Democrats fit just as snugly in the pockets of corporate money as do the Republicans. And simply shifting the control from one partisan political group to another does not change the way the system already runs. It will still be the same game, only run on a different team.

What I am hoping is that in the shifting regime, pressure from the body politic, from normal people and what they need–not corporate lobby groups–will guide the Democratic party into standing closer for what it was supposed to represent all along–the interests of people over that of money.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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