Report on Economic Impact of Climate Change

Here’s an interesting report looking at the impact of global climate change from an economic viewpoint. The author, a British economist, calls for preemptive spending of 1% of the world’s GDP now in order to save what will eventually be at least a 20% loss in GDP, given the devastating effects of climate change to come. Makes sense. This is along the lines of something I always bring up when discussing the future and sustainability and such: it actually makes more monetary sense to be sustainable, looking towards the future and the environment. This is why it is ridiculous to listen to idiots who push for short-term profit at the detriment of everything except themselves. Unfortunately, these idiots currently run the country and most corporations. It’s funny to think that in idealized terms, a politician is supposed to be someone who is looking towards the future and making plans and budgets in order to prepare for that future. Yet our politicians look only about as far as their own ass–which might be big–but they ain’t big enough for the shit that’s about to be hitting the global fan.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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