Healing Rituals

ssc-fall-06-097.jpgThis weekend I came to realize how powerful ceremony and ritual can be in our lives. Growing up going to church and subsequently rejecting it’s regimented, institutionalized blather and feel-good propoganda, I instinctively shy away from most semblances of worship. But getting together with a group of amazing friends and sitting down and making a concerted effort to truly get beyond appearances and on into deeply spiritual life matters is a consciousness broadening experience. We sat in a circular manner and expressed gratitude to various forces in our lives which had brought us to that moment. We meditated and we sang and we played instruments. We planted trees and plants. We looked into ourselves and we looked into each other. And I realized afterwards just how important doing such a thing is–how in fact it may be necessary. Reaching your own inner realizations is of course a beautiful thing. But when it just sits inside of you and doesn’t bear witness and corroboration in other people, then it can wilt and fade away. Sharing your inner heart with other people who have similarly looked into themselves is a joyful and heartening experience, because you understand then that you are not alone–and it gives you hope. It gives you connection and beauty and power. And then you can go back to your daily mundanity with this flower within you, knowing that it is more securely there, and blooming.

Thank you to all those of you who were there–and for everyone who wasn’t, even if you don’t know it–you were.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Healing Rituals”

  1. I’m reading your blog entries and totally understand all these feelings you are having. I just lost a brother to a drug overdose and just a couple of months later his daughter drowned, a freak accident. So, two family members in the last 3 months. Both young and tragic.

    It will get better, life is beautful and although you will never completely heal, it won’t consume your thoughts as much as it does now. You will grow from this.

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