Chavez Calls Bush the Devil

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela once again demonstrates his ability to call things as they are, at the expense of political politeness. He called Bush “the devil” before a United Nations assembly, asked its members to read a Noam Chomsky book, and said that the United State’s current political system “doesn’t work” and is “anti-democratic.” He also said that the United Nations as it is no longer works and needs to be recreated. It’s always nice to see someone who is willing to be honest and forthright about political affairs before the world.

One can only imagine how such honesty will be treated by Fox News and other such fronts for the Christian Coalition. It is time, however, that mainstream Americans became aware of how much of the wider world views our eloquent president. To many people in other countries, Bush is indeed a devil (and this unfortunately often translates into all Americans being devils as well). To many of his own constituents he is a devil. And beyond Bush, it is obviously becoming apparent to the wider world that the United States as a representative of democracy is a big fat lie.

Chavez has balls. But pretty soon other less extreme politicians from other countries will begin also vocalizing their loathing of the United State’s squish em and suck em dry policies. Forces in the world are shifting.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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