Healing and Understanding, Not Morbid Wallowing in 9/11

It being 9/11, I wanted to take this moment to raise awareness of all the ways that propaganda from politicians and big media will be deploying the memory of the act of terrorism in the twin towers from 5 years ago. They will get sappy and then subtley morbid, replaying footage from the day of tragedy; they will attempt to harness the feelings of anger and righteousness and direct them outward towards whomever is the current target of warfare, which at the moment seems to be anyone who is dark-skinned and wearing a turban. They will make you feel like you are unpatriotic if you react in any way but blind, unfocused anger or fear.

Resist the urge to “remember the tragedy,” as comemmorative news programs will ask. Replaying tragedies so that you can embed yourself further in anger and fear is sick. It would be ridiculous to suggest that you would ever forget. Who the fuck could forget September 11th? If you are going to “remember” anything, simply honor the memory of the innocent people whose blood was shed for ideology, and remember the lesson that we should have learned from that: fundamentalism of any kind leads to murder.

What should be remembered is that we are currently in a state of everpresent warfare; young Americans are right now dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. And them dying in these foreign lands has not much at all to do with 9/11, and much more to do with the power agendas of the ruling conservative forces in our country. Go read the utter nonsense Cheney is still grinding out through his teeth. He is now saying that if you so much as whisper the fact that the war we are involved in is bullshit, then you are fulfilling the goal of the terrorists. That’s an interesting reversal of truths. The war we are involved in WAS the goal of the terrorists, and every day that we occupy Iraq we are increasing extremist fundamentalism in the middle east.

Let’s say that we considered the act of schoolchildren taking guns into their schools and gunning down their fellow classmates an act of terrorism (which it is, of course). So does that mean that because this has happened in our schools, that we should bomb schoolchildren, then occupy the schools with an army? Do you think that would help us to counter acts of schoolchildren killing each other? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? What would be a more intelligent way of dealing with such a problem?

Think about it. And get over your fear and anger. Healing does not come from getting sappy and righteous about tragedies that have been done to you. Healing comes from attempting to understand “why?” And then moving on.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Healing and Understanding, Not Morbid Wallowing in 9/11”

  1. It’s refreshing to see someone out there that has a decent view on this issue. Every 9/11, I try to remember the victims families and the sacrifice of the rescuers. I don’t get angry anymore. I wonder what we did as a nation to to make the extremist so angry, and wonder if now will ever solve the issue and have real peace.

    The Spokesman

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