Beauty Beyond Judgment

The greatest thing humans fear is each other’s judgment. That someone would look at us and see us as stupid or ugly. So we try to make ourselves perfect for each other, without cracks in the veneer. We use famous people as gauges of beauty, and attempt to emulate them. Smooth surfaces, designer apparel, the mirrored reflections of articial lights. Actors and models are one and the same, subjected to the gun-barrel gazes of all the world’s envy and criticisms.

Fame is an unnatural thing to subject a human being to. People crumble, unable to find the meaning within themselves that others attribute to them, when they realize far earlier than any one else their own hollowness. No one can measure up to what everyone else wants them to be. It is easy to lose your way when you can’t see yourself except through the eyes of other people.

Even some of the best artists, once cutting and diamond-edged in their awareness of their creative self, lose their way once thrust into the public eye. Where once they were raw and searching, now they are packaged, produced, and safe. Sucked dry, they are cast aside as the consuming public finds another victim to idolize so that they can tear them down again.

To rise above the frothing, bitter sea of human judgment is to rise above our deepest fears. Not many people — whether famous or not, whether viewed as a standard of beauty or not–can rise above other’s imposed limitations. But when they do, all eyes in the room float to them, because they create their own standard of beauty. They exude light beyond the visible spectrum. People sense something has been breached, but they don’t know how to see it.

True beauty can never be captured. It flits like a butterfly across awareness. It alights in a moment of connection between things. A spark of rapture in sharing, the movement of electricity across synapses, darkness and distance rendered irrevelant.

Fame isn’t something that should come simply because someone looks good, or because they sell a lot of records. It should come from integrity, from true giftedness and creativity, from crafting new dimensions out of the ordinary world. Our current concept of fame is misguided, used to line the bottomless pockets of greed and envy.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Beauty Beyond Judgment”

  1. I agree. When I feel very confident about myself which is pretty much all the time, I think that I don’t care about what my dad thinks of me. But when he expresses his disappointment in me, I feel hurt. One reason I can think of is that he doesn’t think that Literature is worth reading and he doesn’t like a lot of my music or shows that I watch, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying them. But deep down, I want him to be proud of me.

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