To love is to bridge what seems at times the insurmountable distance between individuals. To have a beloved is to discover that you belong to another, and that that person’s fears, strengths, and history all have become your own. Holding hands, hugging, kissing–these are the physical expressions of unity. What is most important is the inner essence, the burning flame, the secret that none of the outer world can see–you could give up everything else and still be in love. You could be worlds away. What matters is the place in your heart, the intention in your mind. Even one moment of attention spent away from your beloved can be felt in the rift that divides you, even if she lays right next to you. It takes much more time to heal and repair these rifts than the moment that caused them. You have to focus your whole being on your beloved. The myth of separation is dispelled. Nothing else matters, the future, your hopes, your fears, what people think. To love is to realize the myth of your solitude. The beloved is within you, at all moments, even when you are not touching, even when you are not speaking. It is only through selfishness that your suffering is created.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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