Don’t Slip


Things slip away from you if you let them: the world, your life ebbing through a shortened breath, too many things taking away your attention–your essence fades, who you are is see-through, a facade, stilted on borrowed imagery and mediocrity. Don’t let yourself go so easily, maintain your integrity–this is life or death–every moment that you waste–that is your life! The paths of your stream diverge from where they might otherwise go dependent on your mind, dependent upon your openness to the direction of everything else.

The obstacles before you are not the pains and hardships that we must all endure–no, the biggest obstacle you face is yourself, your own cunning laziness and greed, your own dramatic lies that you create to avoid reality.

Reality has been called many things–but for sure it ain’t that shit on TV. Reality may be what you make of it, but the ultimate reality can only be one thing–love. All of the suffering in the world, all of the murder and war and hunger–it all leads to love, though it may take the destruction of the whole world to know this. Don’t wait for this. Destroy yourself first–destroy your selfishness, destroy your bitterness, destroy all of the things you hold within yourself against the world. That you may flow. That the world may flow through you.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Slip”

  1. i know, but it’s hard to look at urself, and know what’s “wrong”. and then to change all that (for the greater good, as it were) We should all try, true…

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