Horus Call For Aquarius

The age of male-dominated involuted asceticism, masochism, and sadism is over. There will be no more Miles Davises, Pablo Picassos, shamans, and other prophets of loneliness. No more art drawn from the degradation of domestic life. No more science or magic used for warfare. The path forward can only be found in the laying down of weapons, magic darts, proofs, sorcery, separations and distinctions of self, power over those who are ignorant of loneliness.

Healing lies in balance, in sharing, in sacrificing yourself for others. Woman is different than man because they need each other in order to survive. Difference arises naturally from sustainable living.

Union of woman and man, union of two sides of the brain, union of past and future, union of indigenous and global, union of binaries and many dimensions.
We are global creatures, capable of understanding compromise, capable of compassion for things we can’t immediately understand.

We have been taught from birth to compete to take everything we can and keep it from others. But this is archaic teaching, bred in bloodshed and men’s struggles for power and money.

True power is to relinquish selfishness. True wealth is to share yourself with others. Who doubts these truths? It is time to put them into action. Here. Before you, around you. Not downtown, not Namibia, not in the church. In your everyday life.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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