Enlightened Mint

Like maybe you think that you’ve got it figured out, what you think about this or that. But then you listen to someone else, who’s got a differing perspective, and you’re like, yeah, I could feel that. And you realize you ain’t got your world set in stone. Nothing is the way it has to be in your current understanding. It could be a complete negative of your picture. It shifts dependent on your attitude. Bright or dim, hot or cold. Who knows how you’re going to feel tomorrow. But hopefully, with a bit of maté and the beneficence of friends and the divine, you’re gonna be flowing with the good.

In any case, the world changes at every moment. I was thinking today of how skeptical I would be of anyone who would claim to have achieved enlightenment. Enlightenment would seem to entail a steady-state high, a point of being in tune with everything that is. But what is is ever shifting. So I would be partial to believing that enlightenment is really a myth. I believe enlightenment can be achieved–but only for a moment. And then everything changes, including yourself. Beware, in other words, of those who claim to have some permanent hold on spiritual insight. Because whatever insight you might happen to have may prove to be just as powerful in the next paradigm.

All I know for myself is that good things come when I allow them to come. I can’t make them come. I have to wait, patiently, and prepare the place for them to arrive. And then they come when they are ready to come, in their own good time.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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