Alright, Already, So I Bought a Stinkin’ Car

Well, so I’ve now capitulated to the system. Yours truly now owns his first automobile. I know what I said. Circumstances beyond my feeble control forced me into this purchase. The fact is, I am landlocked out in the boondocks here on a lake in the mountains, and my shitty bike (which was free, incidentally) can only get me so far. Nor can my shitty bike get my girlfriend anywhere at all, which was the main problem. So, all things being what they are, I now am in possession of a beat up old Subaru. First chance I get, I’m driving into San Francisco so I can shake my booty, cuz it’s been so long since I last shook it that I can’t even remember if I can dance or not, although I do have fuzzy memories of shaking it ten hours straight (no joke) last year in the city. So now I have the ability to do so without having to hitch onto other people’s plans and schedules.

Looking for a car has been a major pain in the ass, being as it is that I lacked any car to go look at a car, and it takes at least a half hour just to bike into town from where I am. I finally bought this one from a surly old fart who had put a new engine into it and was very possessive of this thing he was purportedly selling. I finally wrenched it from his barnacled clutches and drove it back today. I am happy simply to be done with the process of shopping for a car, but now that I am in possession of one, I just feel like it’s another thing to worry about. I can’t wait until that far off ideal day in the future where I will live in a beautiful locale where no car is necessary, where all essentials are within walking distance, where I am growing my own food in my own garden. Someday. This is my dream, and this is why I am so attracted to Permaculture.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Alright, Already, So I Bought a Stinkin’ Car”

  1. congrats, it’s a pity you have to use your new car. when i moved to where i live now; i gave up the idea of using my beloved chevy, so i walk to most places (like your dream) & when winter comes im gonna use a snow machine, are you sure you dont wanna move north?!
    but you cant grow your own food here cos of the weather, (57 for summer), but you can fish & hunt as much as you like ;)

  2. Eh, when you come to the city, you have a place to crash here. Incidentally, I’ll be up in your neck of the woods next week. Can I stay with you?

    Just joking, I’m all taken care of– but I’ll most definitely be rolling through to say hello.

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