Permaculture on Agri-business Methodology

“Here, we come to a grave impasse. There is no doubt that the once-off yield of a ploughed and fertilised monoculture, supported by chemicals and large energy inputs, can out yield that of almost every other production system. But at what public cost? for how long maintained? with what improvement in nutrition? with what guarantee of sustainability? with what effect on world hunger? on soils? and on our health? There is abundant proof that such forced yields are temporary, and that plough cultures destroy soils and societies.

These are some very akward questions to ask of the agricultural establishment, for very few, if any, modern agricultural systems do not carry the seeds of our own destruction. These systems are those that receive public financial support, yet they destroy the countryside in a multitude of ways, from clearing the land of forest, hedgerow, and animal species to long-term soil degradation and poisoning. We are thus obliged, by entrenched bureaucracies, to pay for the destruction of our world, regardless of the long-term costs to be borne by our children and our societies.”

Bill Mollison


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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