Permaculture on Swimming Pools

“Swimming pools have crept across the affluent suburbs so that, from the air, these ponds now resemble a virulent aquamarine rash on the urban fringe. The colour is artificial, like that blue dye that imitates an ocean wave obediently crashing down the toilet bowls of the over-fastidious. Chemicals used to purify the water are biocides, and we are biological organisms; if fish can’t live in our pools, we should also keep our bodies out of the water. When chlorine isn’t being used as a war gas, it is being dumped into our drinking, bathing and swimming water, where it forms carcinogenic chloroform.

Innovative pool designers now filter natural pools below a base pebble bed, using the pebbles as algal/bacterial cleaners, then cycle it through a reed-bed to remove excess nutrients before cascading it back, freshly oxygenated, into the pool. Such pools can be delightful systems with tame fish, crayfish, rock ledges, over-arching ferns, and great good health.”

Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Permaculture on Swimming Pools”

  1. If you ask discerning users what bothers them most about swimming pools and spas, they reply, “Whether they’re clean” and “The chlorine really gets me after a while.”

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