Love is an everchanging,
up and down sine wave ride–
sometimes I push you away
just so I can find the space
to breathe–
only to find that I am suffocating
to think that I could lose you
so easily.

I know when I’m being unfair,
when I’m being mean–
which is as much to say
that some part of me
hurts you deliberately.

I watch myself doing it,
loathing myself.
I can only theorize
that I do it because I am scared
and I am looking to make something up
against you, so that I can run away.

Don’t let me run away, beloved.
Fight me, be aflame with righteous anger,
put me in my place–
which is next to you, with you, for you.
Be strong in yourself.
Don’t let me wallow in my fears
by digging into your insecurities.

I can be so cold to myself–
and now that you are in me, in my life,
in my every movement and thought,
I have to learn to be better
to myself, to all of the life
which resides within.

Don’t leave me alone.
Keep me burning, love.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Burning”

  1. the games that destroy… but what if she doesn’t fight the part of you who rejects yourself and wants to be alone? the games that leaves us eternally single.

  2. As with anything, it’s a matter of crafting the right spaces for you to be both yourself and to share with another. To be centered and yet accepting. It’s like you have to map out your territory with each other, continuously. Hopefully branching eternally forward and outward and upward towards the light.

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