World Cup Finale

Well, the World Cup finally be done, and I’ve got the last 12 matches on tape, to be watched and savored throughout the rest of the summer, since I haven’t even seen most of them yet. I won’t lie, I was rooting for France to win the Cup, and I thought they played better than Italy did, but so it goes. Zidane’s headbutt debacle lent a sour note to the proceedings, and that may have been the clincher that lost France the Cup, given that Zidane would undoubtably have made his PK, had he made it thus far. Headbutting an opponent like that is obviously unacceptable on any level–but I am curious as to why he did it, because a player like Zidane, in a Final game (both World Cup final and final game for retirement) would know better, on a conscious level, than to jeapordize his team and his legend by losing his cool. But the Italian player must have really said something to get his goat, because he didn’t even pause to think–he just turned on a dime and laid the Italian down in a moment of extreme anger. I mean, that was a pretty devastating headbutt, he leveled Materazzi like he was a soccer ball on goal. So obviously Materazzi said something to him that was completely unacceptable to Zidane, so unacceptable that he didn’t even bother pushing or shoving–he just straight out clocked the motherfucker. It was a disappointing loss of poise in Zidane at a such a critical juncture in the game and his career, but I imagine that there was a reason for it, and I would like to know what it was. Everyone was surprised at the brutality and lack of hesitation of the action–I was surprised and kind of impressed. No fucking around there. I need to learn how to headbutt like that.

Author: manderson

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  1. So Zidane has finally come out and talked about it, and he said that Materazzi had used harsh words against his mother and his sister, and that he does not regret taking action against him for it. He would have been the better man, of course, if he could have ignored it and played on to win the Cup for his team. But hey, if you’ve got to defend the honor of your mum, then you’ve got to headbutt. . .

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