I’m onto my 3rd day of fasting now and feeling rather lightheaded. It began rather involuntarily, with a flu in which I purged myself and was unable to eat for a day, and I decided, still lacking any appetite and having always wanted to try fasting, that I might as well continue it. It’s difficult because I can’t be very active–just going for a little walk yesterday evening, I had difficulty going uphill and had to stop to rest. It doesn’t feel bad though, and I’m not hungry at all, which is surprising. I have been eating a little bit here and there to sustain me, things like bread, grapenuts, and bananas, and I made an interesting discovery. I have always been extremely gassy, and I’ve never known what is the cause of it. And I’ve always eaten tons of bananas, because I love bananas, being as I am of primate heritage. Well, all I ate yesterday was bananas, and I farted every 10 minutes all night long, and it smelled like baby poo and it was terrible. So I’ve discovered the source of my gassiness. It is saddening to me, because I do so cherish my 2-3 bananas per day, but I suppose I will have to move on to some other fruit. Sigh.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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