Spam Rant

Spammers are kind of amazing. I don’t imagine that there is really any kind of real money involved in such advertisement–firstly, because it’s always some stupid crap no one would want anyway–and then secondly, because they are fucking annoying, and who in their right minds would ever sponsor someone who invades and persecutes innocent people’s private space? But they are, as I said, kind of amazing; their ingenuity and perseverence in invading every single inch of cyberspace that any human being could ever come across is frankly overwhelming. Their latest thing is posting bullshit comments on my blog. The format is all the same: it says something like “Great!” or “Wonderful blog!” followed by a website address. They have some kind of engine that crawls through blogs and posts such retarded spam all across the WordPress realm.

I’m wondering if there are any anti-spam crusaders out there, righteous hackers who through sleuth and innovation do a reverse spamming program against those businesses or people which are producing the spam. I really hope there are. Cuz spam pisses me off. It’s a product of laziness and greed. The people who produce and send that shit are the kind of people who try to do those “make money at home! 600 dollars a week and all you have to do is send out mail!” pyramid schemes and think that they work. Let’s say that they actually make some kind of income from spamming, enough to support a couple of bags of nachos for their lazy fat-ass sit around all day lifestyle. Yet even with a minimal income coming from such endeavors, the fact is that they are persecuting, yes persecuting, innocent people. The whole production is about waste. Spam is a waste of time, a waste of energy, a waste of resources, all along the line. I think spammers should be captured and tortured, or at least given a good talking to. Yes, I really do. Just like I think the Enron scandal people should have been shot or hung in a public square. The Republican party and the Christian coalition are always talking about having morality, family values, and other such bullshit. Well, it’s about time they put their money where they mouth is. Lock up Rush Limbaugh for using prescription medication illegally. Cut off the hands of George Bush for stealing the lives, money, and faith of the American people. Send Tom Delay to Guantanamo Bay. Draw and quarter Duke Cunningham on national television. Let’s educate our children on ethics!

Anyway, I remember seeing some article a while back on how even though spam is increasing, people are used to it now and it doesn’t really bother them, because it’s a fact of life. I think that’s sad. Why should having to filter through your personal email address EVERY SINGLE DAY and pick out the masses of viagra, sex enhancement, mortgage loans, etcetra ad nauseum advertisements be a fact of life? It’s annoying, it takes time and bandwidth space, and it raises my blood pressure. I don’t think spam is a right of businesses to invade my personal space nor a fact of life.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

3 thoughts on “Spam Rant”

  1. i agree with yo, well akismat’s kinda reducing spams but not really helpful. spammers should be spammed to death. but apparently they are like the adverts in the mailbox, we gotta get used to ’em.

  2. That’s the thing: I can’t get used to them, and, in fact, I flat out refuse to get used to em. The stuff in the mailbox, that’s pretty bad due to the waste of paper and resources, but at least all it takes is a split second to throw it into the wastebin. Electronic spam, on the other hand, while not wasting paper resources, takes a lot more time to filter through and deal with. And this is aside from malevolent unwanted email that tries to gather your credit information, install spyware, or give you a virus. Once upon a time, when I would check my email, it was with excitement when the happenstance arose when I had mail in the mailbox and it made that little “ding” sound. Now, I check my email and I don’t feel excited at all about having 20 new messages, probably most or all of which will be spam. If there happens to be a REAL email somewhere in the midst, sometimes I even miss it. I hate spam. I really wish there was some kind of anti-spam Batman out there in the Gotham of cyberspace who would seek out and destroy spammers and all their ilk and kin.

  3. Akismat is handling spam, but also excludes my own comments! I have a Yahoo! address because I have an ISP that does not provide an addy. I own my blog under that address, I write and manage my WordPress posts under that addy, and I am signed in under it when I comment. Every.single.time I have to go to manage and unspam my own comment. It’s been going on for months and nothing changes.

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