This Wine

vines.jpgWhat you looking for out there? What can ever be better than now, than what is held here, in your arms, in your heart? There is nothing more to be found beyond yourself. We could go as far as torrential spotted Jupiter, we could go as deep as the dark deathlike peace of the bottom of the oceans–and find nothing as surprising or strange or beautiful as the treasure found within ourselves. Go out to the mountains, go into the wilderness, and look into the face of a living interconnected crown of divinity, see it in the trees, the way they stretch out into the light, hear it in the birds, calling out across the density to each other, hear it in every manifestation of everything, look on its flowing beauty. This is a glimmer of the surface of what you can contain. Where the sun can never reach, where logic can never penetrate. You, your life, your every breath and movement into the next moment. The only thing that keeps you from god is your lack of discipline. Listen! You are telling yourself something–life is telling you something–every single person in your life is telling you something! Listen! Concentrate! Look! Everything that is before you lies already within you. Uncork it and pay attention. Swirl it in the sunlight. Sniff it carefully. Think about what it is that you taste. Feel its weight on your tongue. Let yourself go with the drunkenness it bestows. Wine, what is wine in the mouth of a close-minded fool?
Wine is as good as those who know how to taste it. Life is as good as you will accept yourself.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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