The US just played a horrible World Cup game against the Czechs, it was hard to watch, and left me feeling pretty down. Bad games do this to you. You feel like you’ve been drained of positivity, like when a Dementor passes by. I know the Czech Republic has a damn good team, rated second best in the world, but the US definitely caved under on this game. We had chances, we had a lot of good openings for the goal, but we gave the ball away almost every time.

I’m not really rooting for any team specifically, although I would have liked to see the US team play well. What I watch sports for is to see a good game, no matter who wins. I want to see teams rising to the challenge and making each other play their best.

What I like about soccer is that it isn’t just a game. When the crowds are roaring in that stadium, they are calling out for everything else in their lives: their pride, their hopes, their fears. They are calling out for nation, for identity, for spirit. Politics is involved somewhere, you can feel the whole weight of a country’s past and tradition playing through the ball. It’s a battle, a struggle for transcendence, the players like demi-gods on the field, myth and legend crafted in realtime.

Here’s to hoping Ghana will give Italy a run for their money at noon.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Matches”

  1. I guess we see eye to eye when it comes to sports not clubs. Considering that soccer is the only sport I will actually sit down and watch and actually enjoy. Of course I’m rooting for Ecuador since im Ecuadorian but aslong as its a good old game than thats what matters. I would have liked to see US at least make an effort but what the hell was that all about! I mean the US is still considered the 5th best in the world so show me something! Oh well…

  2. Yeah, it was disappointing, to say the least. America still has to show the world that we can come out and really play soccer. The US team just looked nervous and scared, they were practically handing the Czechs the ball. It was frankly embarassing to watch.
    At least the other games have been pretty amazing. Ghana put on a great fight yesterday against Italy, they played with a lot of heart. That’s what I love watching soccer for.

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