Gay Marriage or Manipulative Politics and Media, Take Your Pick

Let’s all recognize what this sudden focus on gay marriage from the Bush administration and the Republican party (sponsered and broadcast by big media conglomerates, of course) is all about: 1) first and foremost, a distraction from all of the scandals and fuck-ups that Bush and his administration are sinking into the mire of at the moment (I was discussing one scandal the other day with a friend and we realized that there were so many scandals at the moment that we had to figure out which one, exactly, we were talking about); 2) a political “wedge” issue that the Republicans are using to try to gather up the vestiges of bigoted conservative support (as in, oh, those Democrats support gay marriage! We may have fucked up the economy and accepted bribes and have plunged the country into a hopeless occupation of foreign land and cut the budget for all programs that would have any social benefit–but THEY SUPPORT GAYS!).

Whether gay people should be married or not is quite irrelevant in the face of an ever increasing deficit, when 1 out of 8 Americans live in poverty, when most Americans can no longer afford health insurance, when quality jobs are decreasing, when we are involved in the ever sinking quagmire of Iraq, etc, etc, etc etc. As in, there’s fucking plenty of shit to worry about other than what our ethical evaluations of homosexual lifestyles happens to be. I’m sick of hearing about stupid shit like that when election time starts rolling about. It’s gays, or it’s prayer in schools, or it’s abortion, or it’s some bullshit that gets spat about in the media as if they are suddenly issues of national security.

And people wonder why we don’t even bother to vote.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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