Another Clubbin Rant

Went “out to the club” last night, which in South Lake Tahoe entails going to a casino which pretends to be upscale even though it is quite obviously anything but. I’m pretty good about being able to get my ass shaking even when the music sucks and the atmosphere is shitty, but both of these combinations, coupled with a plethora of sketchy ass guys, served to make it difficult for me to have a good time. (This post is a companion piece to my last rant directed at girls in the club.) I’m just fed up with these sketchy dudes at dance clubs. They bring down the whole vibe of a place because they lurk about the dance floor–except that they don’t dance–instead they shove past you and then stand and stare at the girls, maybe chewing their gum, their hair slicked back, pretending to check their fancy little cellphones–you know the type. Eventually they find a girl who they consider worthy of dry humping, and they proceed to rub up against them without further ado. Hey, sketchy dudes–try just enjoying yourself on the dance floor instead of simply trying to find some ho who might be drunk enough to have sloppy sex with you if you dry hump her for long enough. It’s bad enough that most guys just stand around the outskirts of the dance floor and stare abstractedly at the people having a good time. We don’t need you out on the dance floor getting in the way and turning the vibe from “dance and have a good time,” to “let’s try in the sleaziest manner to hook up.” You are the reason that most clubs suck. You’re the reason that girls dance together in protective packs. Stop being sketchy and forcing your sleazy penis up against girls who are trying to have a good time. It’s all fine and well if that’s what the girl wants. But it’s pretty damn obvious when a girl doesn’t want it. And I’m just kind of sick of watching you sketchy guys not taking a hint, and continuously persuing girls who are trying to let you know, short of punching you in the face, that, no, they don’t want to go back to your motel room or SUV or bedroom at mom’s house to fuck. Yeah, these girls are dressed to kill. Yeah, they want attention. But they want positive energy, not sleazy bullshit.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Another Clubbin Rant”

  1. You’re very observant about the club atmosphere and one of my pet peeve is seeing men just standing around and gawking at girls. I really appreciate when guys know how to let go and just have fun dancing without any expectations. I find that in Latin American countries the men are begging me to dance because they’ve got the rhythm and want to show it off to a beautiful girl.

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