Water Motion

Water runs in the path of least resistance, drawn simply by the unjealousy of gravity–it will find it’s source. So, too, like water runs your life. It is your mind and your fear of suffering that hinder your way, diverting your stream from that which is most easy and least apparent. Have you ever watched a mountain goat move seamlessly down a treacherous cliffside? There is no thought involved. The goat is not an enlightened being, necessarily. But there is much to learn from his movement from rock to rock. For you, too, can move in such a manner, if you were unafraid and supremely confident in each placement of your foot. The goat moves in the manner of water. Each step is part of a motion towards sublimity, some ultimate tonic key that will never be reached but that hovers soundlessly through each approaching note. He slips, he misplaces his hooves, yes, but easily corrects himself–like in jazz, there is no such thing as a wrong note while immersed within context. The love supreme, the keystone, the source guides the flow. In such a context, everything is stumbling, and everything is right. There is no fear, no retribution, no hesitation. There is death and love and struggle, yes, but these are the path, these are the wandering stones that guide your motion onwards, the hillside distinctions that will mark your passing. The sun is a sparkle in your eye. Your spine gushes with music, and gravity calls you over the lip of the unseen and it is easy, easy, easy to fall so beautifully forward into yourself.Banana Droplets


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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