The Official English Language

The senate just passed a law decreeing English as the “official” language of the United States of America. Yes, a country founded by immigrants, developed on the backs of more immigrants, and continuing to thrive off the work and cultural input of immigrants (whether legal or not) is designating it’s “national” language as English. Such an act strikes me mainly as a form of xenophobia. What is so wrong about fostering other languages within the United States, a country formed on many different peoples and cultures? Why are people so scared to learn other languages? People say that if immigrants are going to come here, than they should learn “our” language. Why? What is “our” language? Colonialists took this land from Indians and Mexicans. The English language is currently dominating the global language landscape, and the biodiversity of languages is being depleted. One researcher has forecasted that roughly half of the world’s languages will be extinct by the close of the 21st century.

I would rather have my child learning to be bi-lingual or tri-lingual in school than simply learning one language and one perception and one history and one bullshit.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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