Our bodies pools in a river,
wells in time, we meet,
dip into one another, share,
the stream moves onward.

Worship a tree, worship a flower,
worship yourself,
every action worship.

River of life,
bodies dripping with collection,
sources of energy,
channeling of past into future.

What comes into you
is what you allow into you.
Allow light.
Allow love.
Hollow yourself to be filled.
Lose yourself to be hallowed.

True alchemy is not the transmutation of metals into gold.
It is the transcendence of yourself
into God–
which is another way of saying
the discoverance of the sea
within the raindrop,
the revelation of wholiness
in every little piece of your world.

We make decisions,
we choose to act
for better or for worse.
But what causes the rifts in our hearts
is the fear
that we made the wrong choice,
that we can never go back.

Nothing is wrong,
and we can never go back.

Everything is right,

a matter of acceptance.

Accept, allow, embrace.
Love, love, love.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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