I have just acquired a book which may change my life, and I strongly recommend checking it out for yourself if you have any interest in the following:

* realizing practical and attainable changes that you as an individual can enact to better the world and stop it from completely going to shit as it’s current trajectory forecasts.

* becoming as self-sustainable as possible.

For those of you who are proselytizers of Ken Wilbur’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, I would suggest this book as the logical follow-up. It contains enlightened philosophy, but more importantly, it demonstrates and depicts real-life solutions and practical applications of such philosophy. As important as Wilbur’s understanding and explications of spirituality and vision-logic may be, I am much more excited about the concepts related to Permaculture. The shamans understood intricately plants and the power and medicine contained therein. I am rather excited by Permaculture: A Designer’s Manuel because it seems to combine everything that I have been thinking about in relation to my own life and what I can do to change it. As I read through it I will probably post more thoughts on this topic.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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