my pad part ii

i set up my pad back up again, so now i’ve got me a home to reside within for some space of time once more, and as i sat there on the sofa and drank a nutty, dark brew, it hit me how important space is in relation to the objects in my life. how important the objects are in relation to space. how important it is to have this zone in which i feel established as myself, in which i can just sit and chill and listen to music and think or read or whatever. and that is the best thing about coming “home.” is finding again that context wherein i am comfortable and can truly relax.

i used to just throw all my shit wherever, in a kind of endlessly replicating pile, in which whatever i used last goes on top. such can be functional in terms of knowing exactly what you need for the next day, but it goes nowhere in terms of organizing anything beyond immediacy. now i’m pretty into the feng shui of my space, i feel the appropriateness and purpose of the objects that i place and their interrelations with the rest of the room. it really does matter. i’m not anal retentive, i simply have come to realize the importance of maintaining organization and clarity in my life–and that includes my chill space. i want people to come into this space and share it, so i purposely try to foster an atmosphere that welcomes others while at the same time delineates itself from the outer world. it is mine, yet yours, yet mine. know what i mean?


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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