Draft from October 3rd

When the lights are so faded that there is nothing beyond karma to sustain you, because when you know that who you are cannot be seen by anyone in your immediate vicinity, only by some stranger stargazer millions of years away; when that’s what it takes for someone to see your beauty, apparently, then you know that you’d better be able to believe in something beyond yourself. You better be able to focus on your future, knowing that your trail is what is seen, not your intentions. Politics is a matter of opinion. But what matters is what is lived. There is no question in regard to your life. You are either living in now or you are living in fear. And what can be respected in hesitation? Nature has no regard for your considerations. There is balance or there are accidents.

There is so much beauty around me. Sometimes I forget to watch the sun lapping on the sierra wind stirred lake waves. And I will be sitting in my cabin and drinking Jack Daniels before I remember to remember. That I am blessed. That all life is blessed. That every step forward in time is a celebration, and should be commemorated as such. No matter what may be left behind. For what is left behind is dust.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

One thought on “Draft from October 3rd”

  1. Hey Mark
    I really liked reading your other blog and am enjoying this one too.I like the way you write, it makes me think and also makes me feel soothed!

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