Esperando para mi vuelo

Wouldn’t you know it, my flight was cancelled, so I’ve got another day to kill, and then I leave at 2 in the morning. If you ever make plans to fly down to South America with Lan Peru, be aware if you buy your tickets in advance that Lan Peru changes their flights constantly (my flight to Perù was also changed), and you might not find out because they don’t apparently maintain much contact with travel agencies or other international airlines. Annoying as hell, it’s a good thing I planned my return with a bit of leeway before I need to get back to cleaning toilets.
So I’ve returned to Miraflores to kill some time and enjoy some more Peruvian food before I leave for good.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

2 thoughts on “Esperando para mi vuelo”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, it’s very good and some of the entries of quite moving. I’ve just read Hurricane Blues, which was interesting because of the things we talked about when I met you briefly in that hostal on your last night in Peru. Hope you got home safe.

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