Jungle Bites

I was just on Google looking to see if I could find out what kind of insect bite I’ve got on my arm–it itches like beejesus and trails down the length of my arm, ending in a sizeable bite that seems to be steadily increasing in size. I didn’t find anything on the web about it, but I did find this cool BBC site with lots of interesting facts about the jungle.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

7 thoughts on “Jungle Bites”

  1. Did you get an answer? I am asking because I was in the jungle near Iquitos and my lower leg areas are bit up. It’s been a week, and they are worse, hard red dots which didn’t itch at first but now do. They seem to be getting a bit bigger, not sure. They don’t week any liquids. I have about 3 dozen bites in all. At the lodge Sinchicuy, I think it was called, about 30 km from Iquitos, the guide said microscopic red parasites in the grass and jungle get into your shoes and socks and bite you. I’m worried and wondering if they live in you too! I left the area a week ago and only spent 4 days there. Have you heard of such a thing? Any advice?

  2. What I spent is that they weep or leak no liquid either, and when I press them down hard or scratch them, an additional area puffs around the read dot, like a fried egg sunny side up with a red yolk. Hope I explained it well. Next step, doctor!

  3. Laura, I did end up going to a doctor in Lima 2 days before I left for the states, at a friend’s urging, because when something is trailing down your arm, following the vein, it means that it is infected, and an infection can become quite dangerous if it gets into your bloodstream.
    I was fine, however, and the infection died down after a week or so. And it turns out I unknowingly went to the most expensive hospital in Lima to get my blood test. Oh well, better safe than sorry.
    I’m not sure what you’ve got, but if you think that it is infected, yes, definitely go to the doctor immediately. I certainly have heard of creatures that will crawl into your skin and plant eggs there. It’s possible, though, that all you’ve got are some funky bites. Who knows? There’s some weird creatures down there in the Amazonas!
    Good luck, and don’t stress out too much about it. You’ll live!

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