He vuelto a Lima

Disfrutando Frutillada en Qosqo

After another 20 hour bus ride, I am back in Lima. It was a bit harder this time around because the bus had some kind of problem so the driver kept stopping and getting out. There were also random rocks scattered about on the road due to mudslides from the heavy rains. After 20 hours of sitting in recycled air you want to scream, especially because a little girl puked a bunch of times in the very beginning so you could smell the acrid puke smell the whole time mixed in with the inevitable multitudinous farts (pedos) and the greasy recycled-air-smell of packed-in human beings. Luckily I had the seat next to me unused, although later in the journey a cute chica moved to sit there, which was fine by me.
It is now officially summer in Lima, and it feels great to be back here after the constant rain and cold in Qosqo. It feels a bit like coming home, I’m back in the same hostal that I was in before, and I just ate some tasty pescado in my favorite little restaurant in Miraflores.
Yesterday I got my first major dose of home-sickness, I think mainly because I was talking with Danitza about my favorite liquors such as Chartreuse or a good Scotch or Rye, and I began thinking about imbibing said liquors in my cabina with some amigos and listening to some sweet R&B on my Bose system. I miss the pine trees, I miss my drums. Well, only a little less than 1 month left here, and then I will return home so that I can begin getting Peru-sickness and wishing that I was back here.
I met back up today with Karina, a girl I had met in a disco in Huaraz earlier in my journeys in Peru. Ella conoce muchos lugares buenos en Lima. So I will probably hang out here for another week or so with her and Natalia and get some good booty shaking in some more discos, and then probably voy a Iquitos, because I want to see la selva before I leave.


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2 thoughts on “He vuelto a Lima”

  1. Hey Mark, you should be glad only one person was throwing up. I had like 4 or 5 kids who were sitting around taking turns throwing up throughout the same bus ride. It was at night and cold so the other Peruvians insisted on closing the windows. Yuck.

    I didn’t know it was your birthday. Happy b-day bro.

    I’m starting to lose track of all the girls’ names. You big pimp.
    I’m getting back to the difference of apparent / inherent / implied authorities in agency. Fun shit.

    Ha. Peace out.

    Stopping by LA any time soon? I’ll be back in March I think.

  2. Hola hermano. I think I recall the email you sent describing the mass purge. Yeah, I guess I really can’t complain. I thought I was going to puke myself there for a while, those curves are pretty gnarly. My birthday? That was a month ago! But thanks, everyday I drink Bacardi like it’s me birthday anyway.
    I am going back to LA, probably in Febrero sometime after I return from this journey. Have fun studying the infinitely indistinguishable differences inherent in law, I’ll drink a Pisco Sour for you!

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