Sunset en Cordillera Blanca

You go there because there is nothing there to remind you of yourself. Who are you here? There are no predefinitions of what you are supposed to be, no established perceptions limiting the scope of your ability to change like the wind over the grass. The only thing that you are is what you yourself have held onto and retained imprinted throughout your thoughts and subsequently, your actions. You hold over your own head your limitations now, no one else can see anything but what you give to them. And you find that you are the same person that you always were, when you suckled on the back of your hand all day long, when you fell on the rocks and scraped up your legs, when you experimented with being self-destructive, when you first opened up your heart to another–what is it that has changed? What has changed and what will continue to change are the new worlds that you can perceive within yourself. The world sees what you have seen within yourself, even the dim lit crevices you pushed away in fear. What you have embraced the world must embrace in turn, because every portal opened within an individual is the creation of a new world upon the world that we thought we once knew. And we all must grapple together with what each person’s tormential beauty has unleashed upon us.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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