Viajando a Machu Picchu

Grupo del CaminoPink Poncho

Getting ready to go to Machu Picchu mañana, I hope all that cigarette smoking won’t kill me on the passes. So it will be four days until you hear from me again. Feel free to leave comments. They make me feel read and loved. Leave more of em, dammit. Or post a link to your favorite website or your favorite topless picture of Britney Spears. Speaking of which, the other night I went to a local disco called Muki’s where it was 90% Peruanos, which is the way I like it, and they played merengue, salsa, and, of course, a little reggaeton. What was funny, though, was that on a big video screen alongside the dance floor was projected some VH1 special on Britney Spears. So while you’re dancing to salsa you look over and see Britney doing choreographed dances with that everpresent entourage of dancers lined up behind her doing a much better job of dancing. It’s kind of funny, those dancers, because you know that they’ve worked their asses off trying to make a career out of dancing and their big come-up is being one of those pieces of fleshy music video scenery that you don’t even really notice except as a backdrop behind Britney Spears. Have you noticed how intent those dancers always look? It’s like that must be part of how you get to be in that prime of a position as a dancer–by looking really really intense as you dance. Then maybe you get a five second window of you dancing from behind Britney Spear’s ass. You’re lucky if your face gets shown on the video at all.
Anyway, that was kind of a tangent. My damn right ear is really hurting from that fucking pyrotecnico that went off right in front of me the other night.
I’m beginning to get sick, just in time for Machu Picchu, great. I walked around in the rain for too long yesterday. The sleeping bag that my Inca Trail agency gave me is like a summer sleeping bag. So if you don’t hear from me in five days I’m probably frozen to death somewhere in the mountains.


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Viajando a Machu Picchu”

  1. Happy new year Mark! I feel like it’s going to be a good year too, despite these dark rainy times here in the bay area. I hope you get some good weather in MP.


  2. Hey Mark,

    Happy New Year, am still recovery from mine, made a new shot called the ‘Shotski’ we glued 5 shot glasses to a ski, so 5 people had to do shots all at the same time after a ‘shotski’ session was called.

    We got 4 ft of fresh powder yesterday so hopefully will get up to the slopes today. Take care.

  3. ¡Amigos! Gracias para sus mensajes. I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of rain in California from my occasional perusal of Google News. Matt, how was your trip to England?
    I speak mainly in Spanish with my french amigos, and a tidbit of English. Good practice, it’s also nice because then I feel like I speak good Spanish in comparison.
    Mas fotos on the way soon!

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