¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Plaza de ArmasMis Amigos de Francia

¡Feliz año nuevo todo el mundo! Yo esperanzo un prospero año para todos mis amigos. I hope everyone had a great time for your New Year’s celebration, wherever you happened to be. New Year’s in the Plaza de Armas was a raucous affair, of course involving thousands of sparklers, bottlerockets, and m-80s as every fiesta here seems to do. My ears are still hurting because an m-80 went off 2 feet in front of me. It’s a little bit dangerous, actually. Some of those bottlerockets nearly took out a few ojos.
I finally met back up with my french amigos. We drank Anis and cervezas at their hostal before heading out and had some great conversations in mixed Spanish, French, and English.
Unfortunately a good portion of my night was spent attempting to meet with some of my Peruvian friends. From what I’ve gathered so far, Peruvians are not very punctual; in fact, they seem to tend to be kind of flaky. Add to that a plaza filled to the brim with revelers and explosions and it’s kind of hard to organize things or find people. Once I finally got done with trying to meet various people at various times I finally got some ass shaking in there until 3 or 4 in the morning, I think it must have been late because I didn’t get out of bed until 1:30 this afternoon.
All in all, Qosqo is a pretty fun place to be for New Year’s.

Another year has come upon us. What does a new year signify, exactly? At it’s most elemental level, it represents the cyclical, spiralling nature of the seasons, the regress and return of things that have passed into new, yet familiar forms. It represents the continuance of the dance of life and death. We celebrate because we are still living and because we have hope that in the coming spiral of this next year that we will live yet better, yet deeper, yet fuller than ever before. That the unknown will manifest itself in a blessing. We celebrate too the things that have passed in the years before, the relationships that have sustained us to this point, the loves that have opened our hearts into the awareness of our beauty. We celebrate because we do not know what is to come and because what we have known has given us hope. It is a celebration edged of course with elements of despair and darkness and excessive drunkenness, because not all of what came before was good, and we are not sure that what is to come will be any better. But we celebrate, yes, even out of desperation, because we need to believe, we need to hope, we need to release our fears and dance without self-consciousness and enjoy this moment that we have right now. Because whatever is to come, at the very least we will be able to say that we have enjoyed what we had.

Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

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