Las Frutas de Vida


It’s going to be a good new year, I can feel it in me bones, which are ready for some jaggling.
To chew and spit the coca leaves is referred to as chacchar in Quechua. Alternatively, there’s a darker substance made with maìze and coca called llicta that is also chewed and that is referred to as picchar, although the two chewing terms are interchangeable. I have taken a liking to chacchar, it does give you a little bit of a kick and kind of tingles the tongue.
I tried two new frutas today, granadilla and chirimoya. The granadilla was pretty trippy. It looks like an orange but when you crack open the outer peel contained therein is some kind of seedy gloop that looks and feels like alien sex nectar. I was chewing it and my Peruvian friend was laughing at me. Apparently you are supposed to swallow the gloop whole, seeds and all. It was actually kind of a sensual experience because you either slurp it up with your tongue or suck it out of the rind.
The chirimoya was also good. It is green and kind of misshapen, and the treasure within is a kind of custardy white filling dotted with large black seeds. ¡Que rico!


Author: manderson

I live in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Las Frutas de Vida”

  1. Hey Mark! Feliz ano nuevo!! It sounds like Peru is treating you well. Frutas sensuales, mujeres lindas, y moviendote la cola! Keep it groovin’ for all of us stuck here in the states.

  2. I’ll certainly try! Feliz año nuevo to you as well. You have a break from your studies right now, right? If so, enjoy. And keep dragging Dave’s ass to those salsa classes!

  3. Yes, yes, the texture is exactly like that of seeds embedded in snot–but this is, surprisingly– or perhaps not–a rather enjoyable savory experience.

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